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Greenwood Concrete Contractor

Worker Leveling Fresh Concrete Slab With A Special Working Tool

We are a well known concrete contractor in Greenwood, Indiana. We offer different concrete services for your patio, driveway, porch, pool deck, etc. We also deal in foundation repair. Our services are wide range when it comes to concreteservic es. When you contact us, we make you realise you have taken the first step in the right direction to have the best concrete job for your building.

We have well-trained and experienced staff who handle concrete projects in Greenwood and it’s environs. If you’re looking for the best concrete contractor around you, look no further.

About Us

Our years of experience in the concrete building business has given us unrivaled knowledge of the elements of concrete and available techniques to provide you with the best quality concrete job you can find around. We have our office in Greenwood, Indiana, and our services are also open to those in the Greenwood environ. Aside from the knowledge about concrete, we make sure we employ staff who are willing to learn and improve their expertise in concrete building. We have a healthy balance of experienced and young staff who have been trained to imbibe good work ethic.

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Our Services

​Greenwood Concrete Contractors is a professional concrete company that offers a wide variety of concrete services. We are proficient in any concrete work such as concrete building, concrete repair, retained walls, foundation repair and many other concrete services you can think of. We can also help you with your concrete foundation if you want peace of mind that the foundation of your building was handled by the best. We also do concrete removals where you are not satisfied with your previous contractor’s concrete job. If you want the best concrete services, contact us immediately.

Stamped and Decorative Concrete patios

Stamped and Decorative Concrete Services

For the finishing job on your concrete, call on us. We will give you the best concrete finishing. We have a catalogue of designs you can choose from and if you have your idea too, we are not averse to them. We combine different techniques to give you the desired result. We aim to satisfy you with our job delivery, so we go out of our way to achieve this.

Concrete Porches and Patios

Concrete Porches and Patios

If you prefer to use concrete for your porch & patio, we will use top quality materials to mould the concrete floor and also up with befitting designs that will bring out the beauty of your porch & patio. We understand the fact that these type of structures are what beautifies your space, so we make it worth your while. We are well knowledgeable in concrete porches and patios.

Concrete Driveway and sidewalk

Concrete Driveways

To have a long-lasting driveway in your home, it is advisable you use concrete because of its durability quality. Due to the fact that it will constantly be driven on, it must be solid and be able to withstand the weight of cars. We also consider the structure of your building before building the concrete driveway. At Greenwood Concrete Contractors, we use materials that guarantee the durability of your driveway.

‘There was a crack on my driveway that always made it difficult for me to navigate into my garage, I tried filling up with sand, but it got worse. I contacted Greenwood Concrete Contractors, has been a smooth ride all the way to my garage’. – Smith J.

Concrete Driveways and sidewalk

‘My swimming pool deck was done poorly. We have had a couple of accidents on it due to slippery floor. Greenwood concrete Contractors did a concrete job that ensured grip when I walk on the pool deck. You should contact them today’. – Mary W.

Concrete Demolition and Removal

‘The contractor for the building project I was handling used inferior materials for the foundation, which started caving in no time. Greenwood Concrete Contractors helped me with the foundation repair which saved me blushes with the client. I strongly recommend Greenwood Concrete Contractors’. Ben G.

Concrete Pool Deck with steps

Concrete Pool Decks

Swimming pools are for leisure and it is only right for you to have a concrete swimming pool deck that will complement the beauty of your swimming pool. We combine the right materials with the right design to give you the desired outcome. We also put into consideration the necessary safety precautions that must be in place when constructing your swimming pool deck. Contact us today for your quality swimming pool deck.

Concrete Pool Deck with steps

Foundation Repair

Concrete is our forte, so whatever your concrete issue or need is, we guarantee that we can solve it. If you do not like the concrete job that was done on your foundation, we can help you do a thorough foundation repair that will be able to support whatever structure you want to place on it. We use quality materials to do your foundation repair and we make sure we use quality materials.

Foundation Damage On A Residential Home Garage

Concrete Demolition
and Removal

If you have problems with the concrete job in your building, wherever it is located in the building, we are more than capable of demolition or removing it for you. Depending on what is appropriate, we have the right equipment to demolish or remove and unwanted concrete in your building. These equipment are the latest and we have staff that can operate them to give you the desired result.

Concrete Demolition and Removal with special equipment

Contact Us Today

We have made it easy for you to contact us anytime, any day. All you need do is visit our website for more information on our services. You can also visit us at our office in Greenwood, Indiana. When you contact us, we listen to you and assess your concrete problems to enable us give you appropriate recommendations to solve your concrete problems. You can also approach any of our staff for more information about our services. We can also give you a cost quotation for your project and also give you options to choose from.