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Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete Pool Deck with steps

If you’re looking for a concrete contractor to do a pool deck for you at an affordable rate, contact Greenwood Concrete Contractors. We know and understand the different variables involved in constructing a pool deck and we put this into play when we take on your project. The materials we use and our staff will give you peace of mind on your project because we know what we’re doing. We use different designs for the finishing to give your pool deck and attractive look that compliments your swimming pool as a whole.


Why You Need To Deck

A deck is usually a type of flooring that covers a landscape of a particular area. We specialise in concrete decking and we have years of experience and staff with the required expertise to give you the desired outcome. The essential thing about concrete is its durability, the longer it stays, the stronger it becomes, this saves you money on regular maintenance. To clean your concrete floor, all you need is water and a hose. There is no issue of weed, cracks, holes if the right quality materials are used, which is what we guarantee.


Pool Decking

A pool deck is the immediate floor around your swimming pool. It is where you put chairs, bench and other pool backyard furniture for lounging. It gives your swimming pool area a certain style and appeal. We would design it in such a way that you can still have fun around the pool. The materials for your pool decking is very important in achieving this, which is why our pool decking services are the best bet for you. We will bring our years of building pool decks into handling your project, you are assured of the best result.


Safety Measures

A swimming pool is a place for fun either in the pool itself or on the concrete deck around it. However, it is prone to accidents if the right materials are not used. Because the deck will always be wet, it is easy to slip and fall if the right materials are not used in building the pool deck. At Greenwood Concrete Contractors, we use materials that will ensure grip when you walk on it. We use finishing like stamped concrete, broom finishing. Stone finishing can also be used because of its natural fiction quality which ensures safety.


Magnitude Of Your Project

Our capacity to handle both small scale and large scale boils down to our years of experience in the pool decking business. We have done pool decking for residential buildings which are usually small-sized, for hotels and even public swimming pools which are generally large. We will give you pool decking options that will suit whatever your budget is. Whatever the scale of your project is, we will treat it with the same standard we use on all our projects. Contact us for your pool decking projects.

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